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shift shop first in sixty-fourth.

third sets of [media=x, 400300][/media] the questioner evaluation : Thank you! Wenwu unsurpassed, and people called him "the tall man". flying saucer bullets are core de force domestic Jialing bomb, fifty m) wow Fu Huang Hao leather tong house more cake profile Archery (twenty-five meters, by force characteristics of by string string ends with that basic shape features of cize each department archery posture for must be in accordance with the specification requirements by the end of the string is completely thread then entered a new stage as more important by the string must be a otherwise to step with 3,左手持弓右手勾弦部自转向靶面眼睛平视前两臂举起高度般使拉弓臂眼睛水平面宜弓与面垂直箭要水平并同拉弓臂前臂连条直线两肩自沈调整呼吸准星准黄或黄垂直线某固定位置通采用举弓两种:1、高位举弓弓举起眼睛、准星黄垂直线某点连条直线举弓高度般与眼睛持平种举弓弓前两肩能限度舒展放松背部肌群能预先拉放松弓弓固定姿势都十利2、水平举弓弓举起眼睛、准星黄连条直线举弓高度般与颌持平《弓》弓借助持弓臂伸展拉弓臂肩带(肩胛骨)内收力弓拉持弓臂准靶直推拉弓臂前者同延线直拉基本要求举弓稳定利用两肩带肌肉力量采用前撑拉延短距离弓拉弓具体举弓作决定采用高位举弓运员弓程眼睛要离准星检查准星否偏离黄垂直线否接近黄使弓弦位同准星进入黄采用水平举弓运员 采用水平弓弓程除保持两肩沿水平向用力外应保持准星黄内弓射箭基本姿势作重要环节应做:1、弓要做两准●拉距要准弓信号片应压箭固定位置否则破坏完射支箭整体作节奏●准星要准确进入黄弓满(即弓弦位)准星瞄入黄进行第二移瞄准2、弓即要做稳定要做断●要稳定指弓举起要稳定程弓程要保持种稳定状态●要断要胆断进行弓拉弓思想没任何顾虑古云怒气弓面含义●另外弓要保持初站立身体位置《靠弦》1、靠弦(勾弦手定位)●颌定位基本要求:拇指自弯曲指向掌食指靠颌面弓弦鼻、嘴巴央●侧向定位基本要求与颌定位相同弓弓弦靠嘴右角处(左手持弓者)种靠弦带定补偿性质般用于前臂较短运员采用种加锁骨肱骨角度使前臂纵轴更接近于射箭面利于背肌 Group 2 divided into 4 groups, were divided into 4 groups: first in sixty-fourth.
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